Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

about Sagittarius

Sagittarians are short-tempered, reliable, rich, obstinate, respected by all, happy, popular, religious, wealthy, musician and freedom loving. According to Indian Astrology, Sagittarius (the archer) is optimistic and full of life. They are adventurous, energized and an extrovert. They continue to have a positive outlook even when their ideas are put down. They are always on the side of the underdog. Sagittarians have good judgment and enjoy starting projects. They have a nagging need to feel free, which can get them into trouble. They also tend to be impatient. 

Zodiac Prediction for the Month of December 2019

You may be the target of others criticism and bad remarks. You may be criticized in society and may suffer your reputation at your workplace. A slide down in status, as well as chances of a false allegation is on the cards. There are chances of involving in many confrontations. Do not believe on strangers and your near one s as they may dupe you. You may face some problems related to government. Do not indulge in any unfair deals. Gradually circumstances will improve and you will get success in whatever you do. You will provide services to poor and to the needy people of the society. You will try to find some new ventures for making money, and for this you have to work very hard. Intelligently and tactfully taken decisions will be helpful to complete your new projects. Your friends and colleagues will extend their full co-operation to revive your old pending projects and will be completed in time. Be careful in your work and assigned jobs must be completed with full devotion. You may get success in court cases which were pending. In the last days of this month, money wise your position will be good. Your bank balance will become thick. You will overpower your opponents and enemies in this month. You will take part in some social work with your full interest and zeal.

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