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The entire natal chart or horoscope is divided into 12 parts, known as Houses. Each house consists of 30°. Each house has its own characteristics.

Please note that the houses are divisions of the birth chart, whereas the signs are divisions of the zodiac, although both consist of 30° each.

The entire life is represented in these 12 houses. The Ist house is always located under Ascendant or Rising Sign. Ascendant is the rising sign at the time of birth of an individual. This is calculated mathematically and varies in each case according to date, time and place of a particular birth.

For example, for a particular birth Ascendant is Virgo (6). The skeleton horoscope, with 6 in the top centre and succeeding signs placed anti-clockwise is shown in the margin.


Angular/Kendra Houses : I, IV, VII, X
Succedent/Panphara Houses : II, (V), VIII, XI
Cadent/Apoklima Houses : III, VI, (IX), XII
Trine /Trikona Houses : (I), V, IX
Evil (Dusthana) Houses : VI, VIII, XII

Planets posited in Angular houses are the strongest, then the planets in Trine houses, then the planets in Succedent houses and then the planets in Cadent houses. Houses VI, VIII and XII are always considered evil houses.

Names of Houses

Following are the names of Houses:

House Name

I Ascendant (Lagna or Tanu Bhav)
II House of Wealth (Dhan Bhav)
III House of Brothers (Bhatra Bhav)
IV House of Piece (Sukh Bhav)
V House of Children (Putra Bhav)
VI House of Enemy (Shatru Bhav)
VII House of Wife/Husband (Klatra Bhav)
VIII House of Life Span (Ayur Bhav)
IX House of Luck (Bhagya Bhav)
X House of Profession (Karma Bhav)
XI House of Gains (Labh Bhav)
XII House of Expenses (Vyay Bhav)


Significators (Karka) of Houses


Significance of Houses

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