Sample Analysis : Astrology profile


Part played by different planets in your birth chart:


  • Struggles in life.
  • Weak will power.
  • Stomach disorders.
  • Blesses with authority.
  • Problem to/ from father.


  • Strong marital tie.
  • Abundant inheritance.
  • Sound and clear mind.
  • Blesses with maternal bliss.
  • Difficulties in enjoying family life.


  • Wrong decisions.
  • Blesses with children.
  • Impatient and temperamental nature.
  • Lack of happiness from younger siblings.
  • Difficulties in acquiring properties and assets.


  • Sharp intellect.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good assessment and decisive power.
  • Blesses with excellent professional skills.
  • Beneficial for enjoying happy marital life.


  • Weak health.
  • Delay in marriage.
  • Poor liver functioning.
  • Problem to / from parents.
  • Blesses with wealth and knowledge.


  • Weak eye sight.
  • Delay in marriage.
  • Dissatisfaction from income.
  • Difficulties in fulfilling desire.
  • Blesses with luxuries and material comforts.


  • Wise and clever.
  • Blesses with wealth.
  • Efforts of a high order.
  • Excellent expression power.
  • Happiness on count of younger siblings.


  • Lack of domestic bliss.
  • Disturbance of mental peace.
  • Fluctuations in professional life.
  • Gives rise to unwanted expenses.
  • Occasional difference of opinion with spouse.


  • Struggles in life.
  • Detrimental for health.
  • Occasional ups and downs in life.
  • Difficulties in accumulation of wealth.
  • Difficulties or disturbance in enjoying domestic life.


The weak planets in your birth chart might give rise to ailments related to muscular or blood related problems, piles, renal problems, weak eyesight, stone formation in kidney or gall bladder, diseases related to reproductive organs, digestive disorder, headaches, heart problem, weak resistance power, erratic blood circulation, anemia, poor liver functioning, flatulence, diabetes, weak health, weakness of bones etc.

I would like to mention that the purpose of writing the names of various ailments does not mean that you are going to suffer from all of them. Rather it is to inform you that the weak natal planets of your birth chart might give rise to some of the ailments mentioned above. Therefore you are required to be careful in this regard and should take necessary precautions as and when required.


The planets governing the fields related to accountancy, subjects involving advanced calculations, analytical jobs, announcers, editors, speculations, IT sector, financial dealings, business, banking, interpreters, authors, transcription, liaison jobs, teaching, astrology, marketing, communications, law, engineering, research scholars, intellectuals, publishers, sales, trading etc. are well placed as well as in strong strength in your birth chart. Consequently you may do well in the fields related to these. Despite all these you are required to improve your managerial and administrative abilities to achieve professional success of a high order.


The analysis of your birth chart indicates that you are a sober, sincere, intelligent person and have been blessed with a sound and clear mind. Your assessment power, accountability, analytical and decisive powers are commendable. In addition to this your efforts are of a very high order and you have been blessed with excellent professional skills. Such planetary configurations are favourable for achieving professional success of a high order. Good placement of the planet governing inheritance indicates that you likely to be blessed with abundant inheritance. Despite all these, the planets that govern health, marital life, fortune and income are weak in strength. As a result of which, you might experience some kind of difficulties regarding these at times. For example occasional difference of opinion with spouse or difficulties in fulfilling desire might become cause of your worries at times. Therefore you are required to be careful regarding your personal life. As far as your professional career is concerned in this regard you might feel some times that your income is not commensurate to the amount of skills you possess and efforts you put in. Keeping in view the weak strength of lord of the house governing income you should stick to a suitable job as long as possible. It would be further beneficial if you maintain a harmonious relationship with your superiors. Finally you should pay due attention towards your health as and when required.


  1. You may strengthen the weak planetary configuration of your birth chart by wearing a "White Sapphire" weighing 900-1000 mg. Set in a gold ring on the index finger of your left hand.

  2. In addition to this you should avoid Brown, Steel grey and white shades around you as well as in your day-to-day wear.

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