About Triple-S Software

about Triple-S Software

TRIPLE-S SOFTWARE is one of the leading organization in India among astrology software companies, engaged in the business of developing Vedic Astrology Software. Promoted in 1986, it has by now established its name in Indian and foreign Astrology Software market. Triple-S Software is famous for its astrology horoscope software and astrology guidance through E-pundits. Our site also provides Astro-consultancy thru Professional astrologers. Apart from above, we also provide services like Weekly Forecast, Computerized Horoscopes, Free Download of sample output pages to get an idea of horoscopes generated in our Horosoft software,Free Zodiac Predictions, Free Download of our astrology software,Free Numerology Readings and others.

HOROSOFT VEDIC ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE is available in different Editions. They are Horosoft professional edition, Horosoft standard edition and Horosoft web edition. It contains match making astrology, lal kitab astrology, stellar astrology, k p astrology, Nadi astrology Etc.

Horosoft® PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE based on Indian Astrology also known as Vedic astrology. generates Horoscopes, Predictions, Numerology, KP Astrology, Nadi Astrology & Lal Kitab. Our astrology software also generates mangal, manglik dosh, gun milan, janampatrika, sade saati, solar month, lunar month, remedies, Vedic astrology remedies through mantra, tantra & yantra. It derives the calaculation of nakshatra, star, constellation Etc. Our astrology software, based on ancient Indian Vedic astrological science, is useful to astrologers for horoscope, astrology, calculations etc.

Horosoft® STANDARD ASTROLOGY SOFTWAREis available in many languages. Apart from Hindi & English, the languages available are Tamil astrology software, Kannada astrology software, Bengali astrology software, Gujarati astrology software, Marathi astrology software, Punjabi astrology software.

Horosoft® ONLINE WEB ASTROLOGY SOFTWAREis designed specially for web sites and portals who wish to provide Online astrology services such as astrological calculations, predictions, match-making, remedies etc directly from their web sites. It is useful for Web sites and companies providing Online Matrimonial services, horoscopes and astrology services. This online web astrology software can be installed on your web site and you can offer astrology services online, directly from your web site itself.

Apart from our Horosoft astrology software, we also provide astrology services and personalized predictions from our renowned panel of expert astrologers. The reports are written manually by our Indian Vedic astrologers. You can choose from a wide range ofMANUAL ASTROLOGY REPORTSthat we provide.

Our objective is to use the power of Internet to provide personalized astrological predictions to a global marketplace based on principles of ancient Vedic astrology. Astrology is an art of interpreting the reputed esoteric influence of stars/planets on human affairs. Vedic Astrology/Indian Astrology enables one to peep into the mysterious future. In astrology, there are different systems in operation and the one that's regarded the best is the Hindu System of Astrology. The Hindu System of Astrology is based on the premise that the natal position of planets is dependent on the past karma of the human beings and gives complete picture of the life of the person concerned. It also believes that the horoscope/natal chart of the person tells us whether the malefic influence can be warded off or reduced. It believes in strengthening of the weak planets to augment their full effects and to reduce the extent of miseries. We take all these principles into account and hence the calculations, predictions, remedies Etc provided by our renowned astrologers are based on the Hindu System of Astrology also known as Vedic Astrology. Our aim is to apply the ancient principles of Vedic Astrology to help people all over the world, understand themselves better.

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