Sample Analysis : Brief analysis


The overall analysis of your birth chart indicates that you are an intelligent and courageous person. Your assessment power, accountability, analytical and decisive powers are commendable. In addition to this your resistance power is quite strong and you have been blessed with fine tastes and good etiquette. Above all you have been destined to earn satisfactory income most of the time in your life. Despite all these the plants governing the houses related to profession, social status and family are weak in strength in your birth chart. Consequently you might experience problems related to these. For example you might experience some kind of difficulties or disturbances in achieving professional success of a very high order. The weak strength of lord of the house governing domestic bliss might cause difficulties in enjoying adequate domestic bliss coupled with difficulties in forming properties and assets. Keeping in view, the weak strength of lord of the house governing accumulation of wealth, you are required to keep a check on your expenses. I hope such kind of approach would bless you with peace and prosperity.

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