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Many have succumbed to rely on the planetary motion for the prediction of the movement of the market while the disbeliever would do otherwise. There are also reviews that support these predictions that are the historical correlation between the movement of the planets and the stock prices. However, even if these are only predictions relating finance and astrology, difficulties arise because of the great number of variables to be considered such as the planets, constellations, fixed stars or every other accompanying factor. Any of these is somehow combined together to generate a number of permutations that can be linked with market trends.

Finance and astrology in a logical sense might be of no obvious connection. But when you more about it, with a little bit of analyses and calculations, these two different things can be the best partner to help you better your business. Astrology with stock market investing comprises a number of basic strategies. One is acquiring a stock’s first trade data, currency, ETF, and many others and performs predictions or horoscope for that given time and place. This is the most important among all strategies. Within a certain period of time, the analyses of this chart regarding dashas, transits and progression will determine the possible movements of the stock. Basically, the favourable alignment of the planets through necessary contacts with the benefics within dasha periods will most likely to result in price increase while bad aspects from the wrong planets will yield otherwise.

The most definite planetary patterns, either bad or good, is more likely to accurately predict the foreseen outcome. However, astrologers still experience trouble most of the time because they extrapolate and dig deeper only on the basis of uncertain and ambiguous data. It may be wiser a strategy to cease predicting when there are still uncertainties about conflicting data and only resume making predictions when the variable are lucid and well-defined. Finance and astrology both moves at random, why work with the more complex factors?

There are instances where the best approach for astrological analysis is an astrological insights’ selective application at the critical point in the market. This means of correlating finance and astrology will allow the astrologer to identify time windows that are critical and have more possibility of ups and downs even if the movement of stocks within days, weeks, or even months are uncertain. Being able to identify these critical turning points in the market can be very useful, that is if they occur only every once in a while.

Since the market can be really unpredictable, it doesn’t mean we always have to rely on the stars for the stability of our businesses. While there’s a considerable possibility of a strong connection between finance and astrology, it is still through our performance and ability to do well in the market.

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