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How Health and Astrology Correlates and Affects Your Health?

Scores of people [perhaps Christians that don’t subscribe to astrology] are not likely to consult an astrologer when unwell, but would you? Historically, physicians used to study astrology as part of their training up until the 18th century. So people sought an astrologer’s advice to help them diagnose, interpret, and treat illnesses. Today, modern astrologers exist. However, they cannot attempt to assume a trained [and certified] medical’s practitioners position.

But that notwithstanding, qualified astrologers can use astrology in the modern time to find imbalances in people’s bodies, identify when their health is at risk of illnesses or better yet, seek astrological advises on ways to relieve people’s stress and anxiety. They usually use a patients [or rather client’s] birth chart to identify the root of their illness and find a solution. So how does health and astrology correlate? Here’s how zodiac signs affect your overall wellbeing.


Members of this sign when furious rarely have time to breathe or relax. As such, they live a fast-paced life that astrologers believe could lead to increased allergic reactions, asthma, varicose veins, swollen limbs, heart problems, or even arthritis. You could say unknown forces interconnect heath and astrology.


Call them daydreamers but members of this sign are idealists hence run the risk of being disappointed. If the disappointment goes overboard, it can lead to weakened immune system and foot problems such as athlete’s foot, corns, bunions, etc.


They’re thoughtful and analytical in nature. And there’s a lot that goes on in their head. So they tend to think over issues to a point of instigating facial blemishes, jaw grinding, tooth issues and even headaches.


Members of this sign worry a lot and sometimes act stubborn, and are susceptible to ear infection, tonsillitis, stiff necks, thyroid conditions, throat infections, etc. Venus, their zodiac planet, is said to control insulin production, their throat and lower jaw.


Mercury, which rules Gemini, deals with respiratory system and dual body parts. So those under this zodiac sign suffer tendonitis, sore shoulders, bronchitis, chronic colds and coughs.


Emotional and intuitive: characteristics that members of this sign possess. However, “crabs are tied to their digestive system and stomach” hence their acid-reflux disease, maladies of the intestine and also digestion.


Because the Sun, which represents Leo, affects their spine, circulation of blood and their hearts, members of this sign are likely to suffer lethargy, heart ailments, and also back problems. Leo’s health and astrology focus are brought about by their confident and authoritative characteristics.


Ruled by Mercury, Virgos suffer health problems related to the intestines and digestive tract. Members of this sign are wont to rush into things and have a lot going on in their mind. Since they don’t get enough time to relax to balance their busy minds, they’re likely to suffer food allergies, constipation, and ulcers.


Libras kidney and bladder functions are controlled by Venus, which has jurisdiction over them. As such, they suffer excretory problems maybe because of their thriving a lot in the pleasure of both giving and receiving.


Pluto wrecks havoc to Scorpios reproductive systems, bladder and kidney for getting too obsessive and jealous, or worse, when negativity rules over them. Potential health-related issues include diabetes, bladder infection, irregular or painful menstrual cycle.


For Sagittarians, it’s all about the sciatic nerve, liver, hips and thighs. They are likely to suffer detoxification issues, rheumatism and also spinal disorders.


You show characteristics of ambition and determination that often lead to stubbornness, which then leads to rigid joints, fragile and weak bones. That’s because goats, zodiac sign of Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn planet that oversees knee joints, teeth and the skeleton. So you’re likely to suffer osteoporosis, knee aches, and arthritis.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed [or put in stone] that you’ll develop ailments or diseases that match with your zodiac sign. However, astrologists think otherwise. They believe health and astrology are correlated and that you should be mindful of them. After all, it won’t hurt.

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