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The name "Diamond" comes from the Greek word "Adamas", which means unconquerable-suggesting the eternity of love. Diamonds are found in white, yellow, red, rosy, blue and black colors. A diamond is believed to be beneficial to its owner, if it cannot be cut by any other substance, is light, cleaves through water like a ray of light, is glossy and similar in luster to lightening, fire or the rainbow. Some are of the opinion that women wishing to have sons should not wear a diamond.But astrology also says that a diamond that is triangular or trigonal is productive of good results to women desiring male children.

A diamond is supposed to bestow wisdom, joy and courage to the wearer. The diamond with a red or yellow shade is said to be beneficial and auspicious for political leaders and administrators holding high position. The one with white shade is suitable for those engaged in religious, social and spiritual works. The one with yellow color is said to be beneficial and auspicious to industrialists, businessmen, financiers etc. it is also said that the wearer of diamond is protected from bad influences of evil spirits and snakebites. Sorcery and Tantras does not harm him. Diamonds are also known to cure all brain diseases, pituitary & pineal glands. It draws out toxicity and is also a poison remedy.

Diamond is the anniversary gemstone for the 30th and 60th year of marriage.

Characteristics of Gems (Nav-ratnas)

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