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Pearls are got from Elephants, Serpents, Pearl oysters, Conch-shells, Bamboo and Whales. According to modern gemology it is the oysters which produce the precious pearls. A pearl is said to be the inspirer of love. Pearls are generally white, brown, silver, cream, black or pink depending on the type of shellfish and water.
All the above categories of pearls were considered to be valuable and were believed to bestow sons, wealth, popularity and destroyers of grief and diseases. It is reputed to be able to reduce fevers and calm ragged tempers. It puts an end to the evil influences. It is said that anybody who wears an absolutely unblemished Pearl is blessed by goddess Lakshmi (He becomes very rich). It also eliminates emotional imbalances, helps one master the heart chakra, aids stomach, spleen, intestinal tract & ulcer problems. Pearl with yellow luster brings wealth. Red colored pearl makes one intelligent. White pearl bestows fame and the pearl with blue shade is the giver of good fortune. It helps students concentrate better. Pearls help young married couples remain harmonious. If one has trouble finding a marriage partner, pearls can be worn to help alleviate this situation.

Fresh Water Pearl is the anniversary gemstone for the 1st year of marriage. Pearl is the anniversary gemstone for the 12th and 30th year of marriage.

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