Blue Sapphire

about Blue Sapphire

This gem is found in dark, ordinary and light blue colors. The best of them are found in Kashmir (India). It is called ‘Mayur Neelam’. Blue Sapphire is considered auspicious if it Reflects no color other than its own, Should be smooth, Transparent, Solid, Soft in touch and should spread out rays from inside. This stone is considered lucky for lovers.
It is believed that Blue sapphire if proves unsuitable, destroys the life of the native. Hence, it should always be worn after a trial and it should be got set in the ring only when it does not do any harm during the trial period. A trial period of about 5-6 days is sufficient. If it suits the wearer it removes poverty and gives the wearer almost everything a man could desire. It restores lost wealth and property. It is also believed that if the water in which Sapphire is immersed is used to wash scorpion bite, the effect of poison is eradicated immediately. It is said that its powers will disappear if worn by an evil-minded person. If worn as a talisman, it provides protection from evil spirits. It warns its wearer by changing its color if there is a conspiracy or threat of an attack by enemies.

Sapphire is the anniversary gemstone for the 5th and 45th year of marriage.

Characteristics of Gems (Nav-ratnas)

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