about Gomedha

Gomeda' is the Sanskrit name for 'Hessonite garnet'. It is said that this gem belongs to the Zircon family. The best of them come from Sri Lanka. Its color is like red colored smoke. Some have given its color as that of honey. The colorless ones look like diamonds. The ones which are transparent, not undulating, soft in touch and has luster and radiance should be considered of good quality and auspicious.
Wearing an unblemished Gomeda assures the native safety and protection from the deadliest of the enemies. It bestows health, wealth and prosperity. It is believed that keeping Gomeda in the mouth stops bleeding. It is a helpful gem for the warriors in the battlefield. At the time of hunting wild animals, it acts as protective armour. Wearing a Gomeda is said to bring success, wealth and notoriety in society, increase life span and good fortune. It is known to heal capillaries, skin elasticity, protection from pre- cancerous conditions. It is also said to heal Bad dreams, depression, anger, hormone imbalances, inflammations & sexual disease.

This is not a anniversary stone.

Characteristics of Gems (Nav-ratnas)

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